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"The Gospel According to Stephenson" is a horror movie with the theme of the believer vs. the skeptic at the very heart of the film's conflict. The basic story concerns the appearance of what appears to be a supernatural being in our modern society - Stephenson - and how the worldview of the people he comes in contact with colors their perception of him. Those with a supernatural worldview – “The Believers” - see him as an evil being needing to be stopped in the name of God and morality. Those with a naturalistic world view – “The Skeptics” - see vampirism as a disease that needs to be understood, and if necessary, cured. The Believers call in armies of Christians armed with crosses, wooden stakes and holy water. The Skeptics call in reason and science in the form of the CDC.

In coming up with the concepts for "The Gospel According to Stephenson," considerable research has been conducted with medical doctors and neuro-scientists to come up with a rational scientific explanation for how a vampire could actually exist, how vampirism is passed from person to person, and to explain Stephenson's "powers." Is Stephenson a new, hybrid species of human being? If so, does the vampire have the same rights as a "normal" human being? If people are lining up voluntarily to become vampires, is what he is doing evil or in need of being stopped?


In addition to the "believer vs. skeptic" themes, "The Gospel According to Stephenson" features a healthy dose of social satire regarding our pop-culture obsession with vampires and vampire films.

Science vs. Superstition:

the Themes of "The Gospel According to Stephenson."