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After a 120 year sleep, Stephenson - a hybrid form of human being with vampire-like characteristics - awakens in 2015 to a world he could never have imagined, one he must learn about quickly in order to implement his ultimate plans.  Capitalizing on modern society’s pop culture obsession with vampires (a la "Twilight," "True Blood," "Dracula," "The Strain"), he lures followers into adopting the vampire "lifestyle," with its promise of an amoral and responsibility-free existence.  As the centerpiece of his master plan, Stephenson appeals to the human desire for immortality to promote his own twisted Gospel of "Eternal Life - Guaranteed" - the foundation of his new religion.  Stephenson finds that his unique perspective on our divisive culture and how it operates may give him the opportunity for even greater power over our society than he originally anticipated.

Standing in Stephenson's way are the forces of modern law enforcement and scientific skepticism, embodied by police officer and crime scene investigator Sam Bowden.  Together with Detective Karen Harper and Dr. David Bradford (a medical doctor who treats the very first of Stephenson’s victims), the team slowly unravels the mysteries of Stephenson’s existence and work to stop him from implementing his plans to divide and conquer our society.  Complicating matters is Police Chief Dobson, who sees Stephenson as the embodiment of evil and of Satan’s influence in our world. While Officer Sam Bowden and Dr. Bradford try to discover the true meaning and circumstances of Stephenson’s existence, Chief Dobson embarks on a “holy war” to cleanse his city of the vampire’s evil influence.  Caught in the crossfire is Sam’s wife Jessica, a recovering alcoholic whose susceptibility to Stephenson’s influence could very well affect the fate of her husband and possibly the entire human race.


As much a social satire as a horror film, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO STEPHENSON features substantial social commentary and comedy elements, with science vs. religion and the conflict between the skeptic and the believer as its central themes. By exploring the differing viewpoints and questions that might occur if a being with seemingly supernatural powers actually showed up in our natural world, The Gospel According to Stephenson also demonstrates how people’s worldviews color their perceptions – not only of Stephenson, but the world around them.