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Leslie Stephenson - Vampire evangelist, master manipulator and devious intellectual, Stephenson relies on both brains and brawn to exploit individual weaknesses and our vampire-crazed culture. He’s also infected with a mutating prion that’s turned him into a possibly immortal species of human being - a secret he’s all too happy to use to his advantage.


Sam Bowden – A skeptical cop who doesn’t buy into supernatural explanations and sees the real threat Stephenson poses. Along with fighting Stephenson, Sam is constantly coming up against Police Chief Dobson’s belief that the war against Stephenson is really a religious battle between good and evil. 


Jessica Bowden – Sam’s wife, recovering alcoholic and Stephenson pawn who’s tempted by his promise of a responsibility-free (and eternal) life.  Little does she know that the fate of her husband and perhaps the world turns on her decisions.


Tony Martinez – Sam’s partner and friend who’s caught between his friendship with Sam, his own religious views and his loyalty to the Chief Dobson. Witnessing a vampire retreat from the sight of a golden crucifix only deepens his dilemma.

Chief Dobson – Chief of Police and religious fundamentalist who’s determined to rid his city of Stephenson's Satanic influence. But his real enemy is his black and white thinking that blinds him to the scientific explanations offered by Dr. Bradford and Sam Bowden.  


Detective Harper – Resourceful, smart, beautiful, Karen Harper works with Sam and her ex-boyfriend Tony to bring Stephenson to justice. In their pursuit of Stephenson Harper and Tony work hard to keep their mutual animosity from slowing them down.


Dr. Bradford – A man of science and ego who discovers the secret to Stephenson’s existence and “powers.”  While Dr. Bradford sees the spread of vampirism as a public health issue, Stephenson sees Bradford's need for admiration and scientific immortality as a weakness to be exploited.


Droppo the Clown – A down-on-his-luck children's entertainer recruited by Stephenson to help him maneuver in the modern world.


Robert Parker - Stephenson's "right hand man" for over a century whose job is to monitor humanity and determine the precise timing for Stephenson's re-awakening. While Parker possesses the same prion-based mutation as Stephenson, instead of becoming a vampire, his mind - and usefulness to Stephenson - has slowly been deteriorating.